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In this website we explain how we are proposing to minimise the impact of our development on local people, on traffic, on views across the site, and disruption during construction.

However, in addition to ensuring that this development seeks to minimise negative impacts, we also believe there are many real benefits to local residents, including:

Much-needed homes

  • There is a significant housing need across Bristol, including in Knowle West.
  • We propose to build 157 homes to suit a wide range of people, including 110 new homes for sale and 47 (30%) affordable homes.
  • The homes would range from one-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom houses.
  • The much-needed affordable homes would be a mix of shared ownership (23%) and social rented (77%) tenures, owned and managed by a housing association. This would help local people struggling to rent or buy their own home.
  • The market homes are all available using the Government’s Help-to-Buy scheme, further helping people get on the housing ladder.

Making Novers Hill safer

  • Currently Novers Hill is narrow and far from ideal for pedestrians & cyclists.
  • The option of widening the road would mean removing the hedgerow, so, instead we are proposing to make it one-way, with a new pedestrian and cycle route on our land, the other side of the hedgerow.
  • This would make it much safer for local people walking and cycling to, from and past the site.
Novers Hill is narrow

Providing public access to more green spaces

  • Currently there is no public access to our site as it is privately owned with no formal rights of way across it - our proposal totally changes that.
  • Most of the protected green corridor would be opened up to provide access to a woodland walk and new public open space.
  • However, some of that green corridor will be closed to public access solely to manage and protect a variety of important habitat & wildlife.
  • A path linking the two areas of new housing will create a walkway across the site.
  • A new children’s play area will be open to the whole community.

Retaining & enhancing local biodiversity

  • Parts of the central area will be protected and closed to the public to safeguard ecology on the site.
  • We propose additional planting, and measures to protect & enhance ecology, wildlife, native trees, plants and flowers.
  • A bat corridor will run along the western edge and through the central green corridor of the site, with low-level lighting to ensure the corridor is kept dark.
  • Retaining the hedgerow along Novers Hill would protect biodiversity, but also screen the development from neighbouring homes.

Work & training opportunities for local people

  • We will hold supplier events inviting local sub-contractors to apply to work on the project; while we employ some of our own staff, most trades on site will be subcontracted.
  • We will also work with local colleges to offer a number of apprenticeships to local people, and work with our sub-contractors to explore further apprenticeship opportunities.

Funding for local community needs

  • Additional spending in local shops, pubs and other businesses by new residents will protect existing and create an estimated 130 new jobs.
  • We will pay the council a ‘Community Infrastructure Levy’ - of this approximately £100k would be used by local groups for local projects.
Funding For Local Community Needs

We welcome your feedback

You can ask any questions by calling 0800 193 9403 or emailing info@novershillconsultation.co.uk

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