The site

As the map shows, the site is located off Novers Hill. It forms one part of the land already allocated by Bristol City Council for development. Our land is shown by the redline, and includes the two areas numbered BSA1108 and BSA1114, as well as the green area between those two parcels of land.

We appreciate this is a very sensitive site. However, Bristol City Council has already included the land in its ‘Local Development Plan’, which means the principle of development on the site is already established.

The land is privately-owned and therefore currently there is no authorised public access.

As local residents will know, the site is on a steep slope, one of a number of challenges the site presents, which we detail on this website.

Our site is divided into two ‘parcels’ of development land, with a green corridor running through the middle. This green area is an important biodiversity space for wildlife, trees, plants and flowers. The council’s Local Development Plan requires this land to be protected.

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